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Our online tool allows you to rotate PDF document pages for free. No downloads required.
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How it works

Upload a Document

To rotate the pages in your PDF document, simply upload it to AltoRotate. Drag and drop the file into the box above. When you finish with one doc, delete it to start over.

Rotate your File

When you’ve uploaded your PDF, preview it, choose the pages you need to change. You can rotate them all just in one click without installing any software.

Completely Free

Use our unique service absolutely for free. AltoRotate is a right choice as you will save your money and get your pages turned just instantly.

Encrypted files transfer

Our service has an additional protection that allows to securely transfer all your data. Due to the encrypted connection, all docs are highly protected. We do not save them on our server.

Compatibility with major platforms

Regardless of the operating system you have, the app will seamlessly operate and change your PDF. It works on Windows, Linux and MacOS and any internet-connected device.

Rotating files in the cloud

We keep all our tools in the cloud. It means that you can transform your document anytime and anywhere. The storage of the computer or any other device won’t be consumed.

How Do Users Rate AltoRotate?

Our service faciliates the work of over two million people rotating PDF documents online every year.


PDF format is widely used for various types of documents. The small file size and wide compatibility with different software and devices make PDFs the best solution for an electronic document workflow. The AltoRotate service can rotate individual pages, groups of pages or the entire PDF document. There is no need to install additional software -- with AltoRotate you can do everything online. The process will take just a couple of minutes.

How it works

  • First, choose a PDF document on your computer and upload it to AltoRotate. You can drag it from your email, cloud storage, Google Drive or upload it from a selected folder on your device into the box. Keep in mind that you cannot rotate PDF pages in documents of more than 150 pages.
  • When you open your document in AltoRotate you're presented with a few options. You may delete unnecessary pages, select individual pages and turn them by 90 degrees or rotate the entire document. Preview all your changes before saving the modified document or click the Cancel button if you change your mind.

Scanning a paper document can be difficult. Sometimes pages don’t appear on the screen the way you expect them to. Depending on the type of scanner and your experience in document management, you might find yourself with an album of separate pages, all in disarray within one PDF file.

However, AltoRotate can solve these problems at no cost. You don’t need to install any special software when you need to rotate pages. Use this online tool to make your editing process faster and easier.